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ACS Is the Proven "Best Tensioned Wood Frame"

Using the staged procedure, ACS can sustain high tension levels far exceeding the competition. The use of our newly installed Harlacher H28-S4 system and Saati mesh provide constant and uniform tensions unsurpassed by any other stretching method today.


Screen Tension is the most crucial element that determines how much control you will have over the printing process. Insufficient tension can cause poor coverage by forcing the ink into the garment instead of laying on top. Printing with high tension will result in better registration, faster printing speeds, less ink build up, and reduce operator fatigue.

Rapid Tensioning vs. Stage Tensioning

Rapid Tensioning is the most common method used to achieve a stretched screen printing frame. Rapid Tensioning results in the fabric beginning to stabilize immediately, and level off below the recommended tension level. Thus resulting in tension loss and improper tension levels. This technique is used by most screen makers. Stage Tensioning, however, is very time consuming because of the series of stretch and relaxation, which allows the fabric to stabilize without damaging the mesh characteristics. This process allows us to achieve higher tension levels with the use of low elongation fabrics. Our studies have concluded that the Stage Tensioning procedure will produce higher tension levels with less tension loss.


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Replace mesh on your screens!

If you don't have the proper equipment, or just don't have the time and want to save some dollars compared to buying a new screen, send us your cleaned screens and we can remove the old mesh and replace it with new, high tension mesh. Turnaround times are quoted dependent upon quantity, condition, and tensioning requirements. Roller Frame and Draw-Bar Frame styles also supported.

* Ink residues must be removed. We reserve the right to refuse poor quality frames.


Pre-stretched Screen Frames

All frames are custom made using MORTIS & TENON joint for strength. Larger frames can be made using 1 1/2" x 2" stock. Mesh is monofilament polyester.

60 - 305 white, 200-390 colored.

Multifilament available on special order. Quantity discounts available. © 2012 all rights reserved